Who is hayley williams currently dating

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Who is hayley williams currently dating

Tabata, now Tusa and heralding from Australia, proudly state they are one of the oldest diving supply company's still around today.

Certainly, judging by the various items that we have carrying their brand name, they have every right to be that proud !

Oh, I almost forgot, completing her scuba attire on this occasion is a very sexy, slinky, fishnet body stocking ! OK then "Subby-San" what have you got to say about this one ?

It features the same really cool old La Sprirotechnique Aquilon single hose reg as in Mermaid Kiki's previous stills gallery, but this time you can HEAR it working underwater whilst held between those drop dead gorgeous lips of our Sensationally Scubaliscious Mermaid Porchia.

( she did struggle a little with her rubber hood inflating, but we have that sorted for next time ;-) 401MB - MP4_1080p HD Posted 19th August 2016.

Here's a video clip set to make a few pulses race ?

' ;-) Completing her outfit and in full keeping with the period, our Devine Mermaid Kiki is using a wonderful old, but so reliable, US Divers Calypso single hose reg and she's wearing a cute and very colourful one piece swimsuit along with very much a Dale Parry'esque traditional white bathing cap. And so, tonight, the pendulum swings back in the direction of our many Scubaphiles, with a super video of an incredible 'Dive Chick" who I honestly believe merely humors us by wearing a breathing regulator underwater at all !It's Mermaid Porchia, of course, wearing that same 'Scubaliscious' outfit that certainly made one or two of you sit up and take notice, back in April, when we posted the first part of her still pictures gallery !;-) You'll have to excuse that tiny piece of loose edging material, on her sexy rubber swimsuit, that we didn't notice on the day and that we can't easily Photoshop out of video, as we can on stills !It's our stunningly beautiful Mermaid Porchia and yet, all you can see of her is a small round circle of her face, plus her hands !But, as I said earlier, we know this kind of serious diving equipment, being worn by a gorgeous girl, really appeals to many of you.

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This is and we're happy to be judged purely on our underwater imagery and uniqueness ! And so, please sit back and take a look at our latest little video showing our 'Dynamic Little Powerhouse' aka Mermaid Kiki, helping us put together and shoot such a fantasy situation for y'all !

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