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Some sage dating advice from this issue: "Do point out Johnny's best feature.

Say something like: 'You have hands like a doctor's, strong and efficient.'" Try texting that to a guy these days and see how he responds!

"July — the month of 'the Fourth,' vacations, swimming, sailing, sunning, and...bathing suits." This cute suit would've only set you back at Filene's back in 1949.

Doesn't it totally look like something Katy Perry would wear?

The January 1950 issue of Seventeen was school themed and featured articles on how to interact with your teachers and navigate the lunchroom. But a brunette could give it her own kind of dazzle.

Also in red and many pastels, by American Debuteen, in Teen sizes, about ."The September 1951 issue was all about new attitudes — starting with those towards purple velvet suits and pillbox hats (yours for only ! 1952 brought us the article "Soup, the great short cut: Good for lunch, good for dinner, and oh, what a help canned soup is for so many, many dishes!

You're going to have to run this show — so the sooner you start thinking about it, the better.

In a world that is changing as quickly and profoundly as ours is, we hope to provide a clearinghouse for your ideas. This issue featured a farming trivia quiz and "How's Your Menu Technique?

In more hard-hitting news, the October issue, which came out right before the 1960 presidential election, included short features on Lynda Johnson, daughter of Lyndon B., then the vice presidential Democratic nominee, and Tricia Nixon, daughter of Richard, who was running as the Republican nominee for President.

), which Jackie O wouldn't make famous until at least ten years later. This issue also had an article with five different ways to wear a scarf, including the pouf-pocket and fancy collar tie versions. Check out our Q&A showing new fun ways to wear your own scarves here. " This issue also contains a recipe for "Popcorn Party Cake" (perfect for Valentine's Day!

In February 1952, Seventeen was all about hope in America (nine years before Obama was even born! ) and advice for what to do "if your folks disapprove of the boy you like best."Even though Seventeen only cost 35 cents per issue in 1953, a lot of things were pretty much the same as now. Seventeen got pretty in pink for the tenth anniversary of the mag.

There were lots of cute clothes ("fabulous dresses for your social whirling") and shoes ("medieval slippers," low-heeled pumps in "gun metal—a new shoe color"), hair ideas ("party-pretty, sculptured pony-tail hairdo"), workout techniques (with explanatory drawings instead of pics or Exercise TV videos! This issue has some great advice on how you can go out with guys on school nights and still get good grades.

("With a reassuringly minor amount of effort, you can easily manage even a midweek date, school notwithstanding.") Wanna know?

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Another says a kiss just shows him that you had a good time and would like to see him again. " Carol Lynley, the June 1957 cover girl, was the first ever celeb teen model.