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The reporters of Joong Ang recently met up with the four at a fusion restaurant in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul and enjoyed a glass of soju or strawberry cocktail for a laid-back interview.

The reporter asked, “Since all four of them are active radio DJs, listeners can basically tune in for six consecutive hours, which fans have dubbed ‘Su Ju Time’; their programs run back-to-back from PM to AM every day.

You bury your face in his neck and he kisses the top your head.

He’ll hold you in his arms until you feel better and make you some tea and keep smiling for pretty sure this has been asked before, but i wasnt sure, so i thought i'd ask anyhow.... I don’t know that much about acceptance of different races in Korea because I myself am not korean and I have never been there, but Leeteuk said himself..

He’d tell you that too, every day he would tell you that he loves you and cherish you every moment he can.

From the get-go, the boys of Super Junior were a topic of hot discussion.

Launching their career in 2005 as a 13-member boy group, they’ve been reduced to 10 active members due to the departure of Han Geng and the absence of Kangin and Kibum.

I feel like he wouldn’t spoil you with gifts, but he would write a song for you or make a dance for you.

Having him as a husband would soooo fun and you would never know what to expect, it’d be really exciting!

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Ryeowook was completely in his own world singing and cooking at the same time not noticing you enter the room.

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