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While looking at these ads, I urge you think about the ads you see today. Are kitchen appliances still marketed to only women?

Susan Collins of Maine is calling media coverage of her support for a tax overhaul “unbelievably sexist.” Her comments Tuesday were made in response to a question posed by a reporter in a hallway near her office in the Senate, which was poised to vote on the Republican tax plan late Tuesday.

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She’s also said she has assurances that Congress will pass bills she backs to shore up the health insurance market.

Collins has made it clear that she wants to see two bills become law that would help stabilize the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance marketplace, and for Congress to waive billion in automatic Medicare spending cuts that the bill would trigger.

Businesses, small and large, will make the investments that create more jobs.” After pledging her support for the bill, Collins added, “While it is no means perfect, on balance, this reform bill will provide much needed tax relief.When I entered his office it seemed to me that he had been waiting for only me, I came in and started repeating my request again.Then, may be too soon for the teacher, he agreed suddenly to me: “we shall see”.As the evening promised to be hot I dressed some summer top and short skirt.I have to also add that my body has always turned guys on, long roundish legs, tight round ass and a slender waist.


Collins has been under intense pressure from her constituents in Maine, who have pleaded with Collins to withdraw support for the tax reform bill.

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