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In just a matter of seconds, SCi O supposedly analyzes the actual chemical makeup of the apple, sends the data to the cloud, and accurately identifies the fruit and provides nutritional information about it.

When Bill Haddix and his wife agreed to give their GMC van to Michael Akers and purchase a 2000 Ford Explorer, they were expecting Akers and a tow truck to deliver the Explorer around in the afternoon in January.

Advanced algorithms analyze the spectrum and within seconds deliver information regarding the analyzed sample back to the smartphone to be presented in real time to the user.

The process is simple: pair SCi O to your phone via Bluetooth, hold it about an inch away from an object, such as an apple, and press a button.

Charges in connection to alleged illegal towing are still pending.

But the complaints against his business are piling up.

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The next morning, they woke up early and read the title of their new vehicle — but it wasn't for a 2000 Explorer.

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