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Photo sexy cam

He’d become: “Ridiculously Photogenic Running Back.” “I remember getting messages from people in Australia and the UK and I was like are you serious? ” The photo was snapped during one of Mc Daniel’s 18 carries that night.

His helmet just happened to fall off, and Jonathan Daniel of Getty Images shuttered his lens at the perfect moment.

We can’t wait to watch the Carolina Panthers quarterback bring the heat against the Denver Broncos at Super Bowl 50 on Feb.

7, but in the meantime, we’ll just keep scrolling through these hot pictures of the cutie QB.

“Then my mom called me and said, ‘Hey, NBC News is trying to get a hold of you, ABC News is trying to get a hold of you.’ They were calling my house in Coppell and I was getting unknown calls on my cellphone, but I was in class, and then I realized it was all these news agencies trying to get a hold of me.” The day after the USC game, Mc Daniel and his fiancee were watching , but on national television he was being compared to the model’s signature Blue Steel look.

Mc Daniel laid low for a few days while the world was giggling over his new meme-dom. 23, as did searches for “Ridiculously Photogenic Football Player.” hosts hit him with questions like, “Are you real? ” He was only on camera for about two minutes and barely had the chance to speak.

“It was a fun experience overall but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking to do.Luckily, his teammates didn’t give him too much grief over the whole ordeal.“Honestly guys didn’t give me a lot of flack about it.Cam Mc Daniel was hanging out with his family after a 14-10 victory over USC in South Bend when he first saw the photograph.“My first reaction when I saw it initially, I guess, because I was with my family, I thought, ‘Oh my gosh this is kinda crazy,”’ Mc Daniel said in a phone call this week.

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