Pending setup validating mx record godaddy forwarding

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Pending setup validating mx record godaddy forwarding

I think this issue also lead to some other early problems trying to get my email account and email forwarding accounts working.

After I would create an email account, the status of the account would change to " record" and never seemed to leave that status, even if it was just a forwarding account to bounce my mail to another server.

Clicking on some confirmation emails, entering some keys that were emailed to me to verify that I owned the email account associated with the domain, unlocking my domain at Host Gator, talk to Host Gator chat support and getting them to send me an authorization code to approve the transfer.

Then I just had to wait a day or two until I received an email from Host Gator saying the domain was ready to be transferred and asking me to click a button to approve it.

You will need to correct the MX records in your DNS which is probably hosted on your server at Rackspace.

The problem was that in my previous DNS software (bind) I never had a field "name" so had to try a few things before figuring out, that this field is supposed to be the domain name itself that is being configured.

If the MX records are correct, the message disappears.

OK - for godaddy: if you do not have any mx records listed under DNS/Records, add a record.

Your hosting provider is where your domain is hosted; your domain name system manager is a third-party domain manager where you might manage your domain settings, such as your DNS servers or MX records.

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