Jill bennett dating cathy

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Laura wanted to leave him but held off due to her pregnancy and his nervous breakdown.

Richard's attempt to open a estaurant, "Daniel", financed by Gary and Abby, was unsuccessful and his philandering with Abby finally caused Laura to divorce him.

Sumner was an old friend of Attorney Mack Mac Kenzie (Karen's new husband), and offered him a job as crime commissioner.

When Sumner realized that Mack could be a serious roadblock to his own schemes, he sought to dicredit Mack.

In addition to being neighbors, their lives intertwined in other ways.

Gary worked for Sid Fairgate, owner of Knots Landing Motors, the local c car dealership.

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The other two couples on the cul-de-sac were young recording executive Kenny Ward and his attractive wife, Ginger, and Richard and Laura Avery.

Val became quite a celebrity with her book and began dating reporter Ben Gibson.

Another plot involved Chip Roberts, who worked for Val's press agent and who was simultaneously having affairs with Diana and Ciji Dunne, a pretty singer.

Gary began to have an affair with Cathy Geary, who looked exactly like Ciji adn was an excellent singer as well.

She was also a convict who was pursued by her ex-husband, Ray.

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Karen was shot by a bullet meant for Gary, and was paralyzed for a period; Abby was taken hostage by St.