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Users are asked to enter their date of birth – but they can easily lie.An Ofcom report, published today, found 51 per cent of 12-year-olds have a social media account, along with 46 per cent of 11-year-olds.So how could they put pictures of the youngsters on a gay dating website next to their own seedy adverts for casual sex with other men?The wedding photograph of Barrie Drewitt and Tony Barlow on the internet web page, with the twins whose birth made them Britain's first surrogate gay fathers, radiates affectionate pride.The revelations last night drew criticism that the companies are 'turning a blind eye' to age limit breaches and are not sufficiently protecting children.

After all, as Barrie told the Mail this week, 'it's a site used by many of our friends as a way to share information'.

Others express preferences for all kinds of unprintable activities.

Users are, disturbingly, asked to click a box to say whether they prefer safe sex.

Andy Burrows, the NSPCC's associate head of child safety online, added: 'For too long sites like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat have failed to protect children on their platforms and Government urgently needs to step in.'Campaigners have called on social media companies to put much stricter controls in place.

Anyone with official ID, such as a passport, can already access online security 'tokens' to prove their age online – making it possible for social media firms to impose age checks.

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No doubt it is, but a few moments trawling through the pages of reveals that much of that 'information' and many of the accompanying images jar horribly with pictures of children.

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