Friends reubited dating

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I met C when we were 12 years old, outside of her locker at school.Another friend of ours, M, had introduced the two of us.A post shared by Jess Tholmer (@tholmz) on C has an adorable, nearly-2-year-old child. She and her husband are so welcoming and fun to be around. Her kid knows my face and lets me help her put on her shoes and carry her around the room.She has never once judged me the way I had judged her.When C started driving, our world expanded in a major way.I had started working at a local movie theater, and though I wouldn’t get my license until we were in college, we were so lucky C’s parents were cool enough to let her come hang with me in my big city 20 minutes south of hers.

My frustration had nothing at all to do with the school itself.

I spent the night, we had a few drinks, and I caught up with her and her new life.

It was nice, but I couldn’t imagine things between us ever being the same.

We decided that Mo is probably going to be an astronaut, a city councilwoman, or a backup singer.

One thing for sure is that she's the smallest human I love.

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A lot of people told us that friends shouldn’t live together since college was about meeting new people, but we didn’t care.