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But the employees who brought the allegations to Boyce say they are not satisfied with the answers they've been given about the investigation.

26, the day he was dismissed by CBC, that he engaged in "rough sex," but insisted his encounters with women were consensual. The "Q" employee says he carried the disclosures with "great emotional weight," sometimes having "mild panic attacks" on the street.On Wednesday, he was charged with four counts of sex assault and one count of overcoming resistance by choking. His lawyer Marie Heinen has said he will plead not guilty and plans to make no further statements to media. Brian Coulton, who began as an intern on "Q," says in the episode that Ghomeshi's treatment of his employees amounted to "emotional abuse." The first director of "Q," Matt Tunnacliffe, says that office rumours persisted of Ghomeshi's alleged treatment of women.She did not respond to a request for comment from The Canadian Press on Friday. Coulton tells "The Fifth Estate" that Ghomeshi told him earlier this year that he liked sex "rough" and that an ex-girlfriend was threatening to go public.Thompson told The Canadian Press that Conway was informed of the review from the outset and kept abreast of the investigation as it went.But he declined to answer specific questions about who was told what and when out of concerns of "compromising" Rubin's independent investigation.

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A transcript of the episode hosted by Gillian Findlay reports that almost all known employees who worked for "Q" in the summer -- 17 in total -- say they were not approached or questioned by CBC management as part of the internal probe.