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The new website has been designed to make finding an affair easier than ever before with excellent matchmaking algorithms to help errant partners find their next conquest.Loving Links tested the new site over a 3 month period so that it would fit the exacting needs of the UK’s adulterers.

Also of concern is the satellite tracking devices on the open market which can pinpoint a partner’s movements around the country.At TJ, David was yearbook editor and Lisa was in student council.Both played on the school’s tennis team.“Tennis was one of the very few sports girls could play then,” Lisa remembers.She pulled us out and asked the fourth grade teacher to give us special work,” said David.“Once a week we took our lunch to the fourth grade room – which was a big deal when you’re in first grade – and we had extra math lessons. Both teachers went over and above the call of duty to make sure we got a good education.

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David Miller was recently profiled by the prestigious Observer Magazine ‘Would you buy a love affair from this man?

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