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Calculadora logaritmo neperiano online dating

The third and fourth calculations use both a date field and a date literal.

The result is a number field that is calculated by subtracting one date field/literal from another date field/literal.

The first calculation uses a date field with a value of 6/14/2016 and a number field with a value of 30, while the second one uses a date literal and a number literal.

You might want to calculate the length of time between two dates.

For example, you can add or subtract time from a date field or calculate the difference between two date fields.

When working with date fields, it is recommended that you keep some important considerations in mind.

Functions work with field names, literals, and other functions.

For example, suppose you need to calculate a double field to be In addition to the numeric functions described below, you can calculate statistics on columns of data.

The result of the calculation is a number field rather than a date field.

The number result (in days) can be a whole number and can also include a fraction—for example, 1.5 would represent one-and-a-half days, or 36 hours.

In the electric meter inspection example mentioned above, any of the following calculations can be used to calculate the length of time between an installation date of 6/1/2015 and an inspection date of 10/1/2015.

In the following example, a piece of machinery is installed 6/14/2016 at a.m.

You could use either of the following calculations to produce an inspection date one month (30 days) after this installation date.

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Examples Truncates number at the specified decimal_place.